Optimize your energy management while running with the innovative X-BIONIC® EFFEKTOR® 4.0 RUN SHORTS WOMEN with Ideo-Waistband, the running shorts of the new X-BIONIC 4.0 generation for the innovative sporty woman. The energy released by the earlier onset of evaporative cooling flows directly into your running performance.

Even during your first running workout with these women’s shorts, you’ll immediately feel the technological advantage of the ThermoSyphon® system, the next generation of the legendary patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system.

Another innovation is manufacturing by precise machines with Retina® ultra-high-definition technology, which results in greater density and heightens the effectiveness of the functions.

The integrated X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® exerts gentle pressure on the skin via bars. This protects you from premature muscle fatigue while maintaining the important cooling effect of perspiration.

Iso-pads above the hip bone protect the underlying organs from cold by providing accurately targeted insulation.

Interaction between the Innerlap Air Conditioning Zone (a special cooling surface on the inside of the thighs) and the Sweat Traps® supports your performance with optimized moisture transport and cooling effect.