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Energy Accumulator® PK-2 Leg Warmer

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Energy Accumulator® PK-2 Leg Warmer

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Product description

YOUR SEAMLESS TRANSITION TO PERFECTION. IMPROVED X-IMPACT EFFECT THROUGH CONTINOUS COMPRESSION SURFACE. Chilled legs sustain injuries easily. The X‑BIONIC® Leg PK-2 Energy Accumulator® offers targeted protection from the cold because your muscles lose warmth differently in different areas. When pedalling the knee bends repeatedly. Traditional leg warmers spread thin with that movement. With Leg PK-2 Energy Accumulator® the system works like an accordion with chambers and ducts that fold and unfold, allowing our ExpansionKnee to gain insulative attributes. At the same time, the X‑BIONIC® Partialkompression® reduces muscle vibration and supports muscles and joints. That keeps legs even on freezing days powerful and optimally temperature-regulated.

Temperature rating

10˚C — 25˚C



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Sport categories

This specific product is developed for:

Do not Bleach Do not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean Do Not Dry Clean
Do Not Iron Do Not Iron
Do Not Tumble Dry Do Not Tumble Dry
Wash at 40°C Wash at 40°C
Please turn your product inside out and do not use any softener or bleaching.

Configured Technologies

  • X-BIONIC® Partialkompression®

    X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® applies targeted pressure on 1 mm-wide ridges. Left and right of the ridge is a compression-free area where compression could have a negative effect on blood circulation to the skin. In this way the blood fow through the veins and capillaries remains unimpended.