Jovica is more than just a runner

The human behind the athlete

Despite his rather young age, Jovica has experienced and seen a lot. Due to his running adventures across the world, but also due to his job. He grew up on the Serbian countryside surrounded by nature right next to the border to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Over the years he accumulated many achievements through running, but what motivates him? What drives him to train for and participate in hectic races over 100km and more or?

Short interview

The ridge of tranquillity and extremes

Flat or hilly?
I definitely prefer hilly terrain. There is truth in the expression "flat is boring".
Where's your favourite place on this planet?
Proboj, my hometown. It's my oasis of peace. Beautiful landscapes, nature, kind and generous people. That's where my roots are.
What do you love besides running?
Traditional music, reading history books, animals, healthy food,... . Simple regular things in life.

The world's coldest and toughest ultra

Yukon Ultra Marathon

This spectacular race - in extreme conditions - was the perfect opportunity to test a prototype with the new and multiple awarded ThermoSyphon Technology. Jovica was one of the favourites before the race. How did the ThermoSyphon Technology work out for him? What did he experience?

Jovica as a runner and outdoor enthusiast