Little Desert Runners Club

The desert fox Rafael Fuchsgruber

Rafael Fuchsgruber founded the Little Desert Runners Club in 2016 after he was approached by several runners, who expressed their wish to run a desert race but were too afraid of the unknown. Rafael provides tips & tricks and participates with 15-20 runners at one desert stage race a year since. X-BIONIC supports the runners with high-performance sportswear.

The Sahara Race 2017 in Namibia was the first race for the Little Desert Runners Club. Rafael speaks in an interview about the challenges for himself as well as the rookies and what the next plans are.

Follow Rafael winning the ISRU 180km race while proving the Twyce Technologies under extreme conditions

Something different

ISRU Race 2016

In 2016, Rafael ran through the hottest desert on earth and came home with a victory and manifold impressions. 70.7°C have been measured in the Lut desert in Iran in 2005. But the most significant about the race was not the temperature or the dry landscape. It was the fact, that, for the first time, women were allowed to compete in a race in Iran. The ISRU race 2016 is much more than a race. It is about the struggles of running in the heat, but also about culture and about the freedom to run.

My tips for healthy running

"Running should always and for years be fun because what we do with love is always good. Performance ideas or the desire for health and relaxation are good beginnings to find happiness through running. I design my training plans very individually. Of course, I always have my next big race in sight. At the beginning of the week, I wonder what I would have the most fun with this week and write myself a plan accordingly.
Running is for almost all of us a balance to the efforts in the job, to clear our minds for ourselves, for the family or life partner. The good, old parameters for running training still apply to me today: slowly increasing speed and volume. Most injuries occur due to a too rapid increase of the weekly mileage - increase by a maximum of 10% per week. Slow running - if you can talk, you're in the right pace. My tip for after the run: praise and enjoy yourself for your effort. We do it too rarely - here's your chance."

"The desert can take many of the thoughts that we do not need to deal with every day and make them quiet."

Rafael as person, athlete, speaker & author (German only)


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