The new awarded, patented technologies.

Effektor® 4.0

Ultimate, most innovative, high-tech functional wear for best thermoregulation. Works under all conditions, even in space like on the ISS or at Mars missions.

Designed for hot climates, EFFEKTOR® 4.0 has been proven to optimize muscle coordination, body temperature control, heart rate, performance duration, recovery time, lactation and nerve stimulation transmission. EFFEKTOR® 4.0 is sophisticated hardware with patented technologies for maximum performance.

Number of results:

High-tech hardware for ultimate performance improvement

+ 10 Performance time (+ 3%*)
- 7 % Lactate formation (- 1 % *)
- 50% Heat generation (- 20 % *)
+ 20 % Faster regeneration (+12% *)
- 2,4 Heartbeats per minute (- 0.4 *)
* Compared to predecessor mode

Scientifically proven advantage

The values were determined by the public research institute Research Center for Bioengineering and Human Movement, the State University of Verona, Italy (tests done on the Effektor Triathlon Power Suit Men). Intensive comparison testing with top performance athletes under realistic conditions supplied proof. The result: X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® is far superior to all-over surface compression. A SCIENCE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS PROOFS.