The Doctor

Daniel is a full-time doctor at the University Hospital in Zürich. As the senior physician in the department of urology he cares for patients with prostate cancer and guides a laboratory for stem cells research. His main focus is to reduce the side effects of surgery by offering minimally invasive treatment options and to thoroughly evaluate them with a clinical team.

Thanks to his medical background, he is able to swiftly translate the findings of modern sports medicine into his own training, which often starts after sunset with the guidance of his headlamp.

Marathon des Sables

Sand, heat and a backpack containing everything you need for a week, offers a unique challenge during the 250 km race through the Sahara. Only years of training and diligent evaluation of clothing and equipment will bring you to the starting line.

After a cold night in the sleeping bag, the sun soon turns the desert into a furnace. This is the environment where the X-BIONIC sportswear works best since every drop of sweat is used efficiently to keep your body temperature cool.

Running on sand is not easy to master. However, after some time you start to read the sand and find ways through the more compact areas, which carry your weight and save precious energy.

The rewards in adventure races are stunning landscapes, stories to tell and friendships for a lifetime.

Crossing Lake Baikal

Breathe slowly and enjoy the white cold desert! Running in the sub-zero temperatures is all about clothing: Shoes with spikes, efficient sweat management and insulation to keep your optimal body performance temperature and special protection for exposed areas like extremities and face. The added chill-factor by the wind can be the “make or brake” of your race.

Sometimes you have to change your pace depending ob your body temperature: If you're cold then run just a hint faster; if you sweat hard undress and run slower. Many foods used routinely in races in warm places will not work in the cold - gels solidify and bars turn rock hard.

The scratchy noise of your spikes on the ice is a lovely sound, a demonstration of your movement towards the finish line.