Authentic Athletes

True athletes. Genuine appreciation.
The balance between job and passion.

Authentic Athletes are passionate athletes who, far from glory, perform at their best, challenge their limits and cross them. It is the quiet talents who face extreme challenges in their free time; the persistent fighters who run, climb, swim, cycle, wind and no matter the weather, for days and weeks, without a break. Their sweaty passion is a source of admiration to many whereas others are just astonishingly asking: "...why do you do this to yourself?"

It's the men and women who eat kilometre after kilometre on hard asphalt during a marathon - for a single runner's high. It is the ambitious amateurs of winter sports who defiantly defy the cold and wind. It's the hikers and bikers who prefer to be outdoors rather than going out to find their luck on a tough trail. 

Authentic athletes don't have to do sports, they want to! They get the most out of themselves, out of pure pleasure in sport - without payment, millions in commissions or cheers. Just for the fun. Because they owe no one anything, they objectively deal with sports products: They are not smiling for the most lucrative advertising contract, but for the best quality. At work as well as in sports, they do extraordinary things. And that's exactly what they expect from their high-performance clothing. That's why they choose X-BIONIC®.

Concert Manager & Ultrarunner

Rafael Fuchsgruber

EY Partner & Ultrarunner

Christoph Harreither

Member Anti-Terrorist Unit & Ultrarunner

Jovica Spajic


Andrés Lledó

Innovation Hunter & Endurance Mountainbiker

Kai Saaler

Professor, Urologist & Ultrarunner

Daniel Eberli


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