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2019 ISPO Award Winner

43 judges from 12 countries and three continents discussed all applications and selected the awardees. This product was recognized as one of the best in its category.

2019 Plus X Award® (Innovation, High Quality, Design, Functionality)

"Winner and distinguished for high quality, high quality, design and functionality at the world's largest technology, sports and lifestyle contest, which honours manufacturers for their leadership in quality."

2019 iF Design Award

Awarded for Functional Sports Clothing

2019 reddot award

"Awarded for outstanding design quality, innovation, functionality, ergonomics and ecological sustainability."



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Product description

More power without performance slumps? Get more with the X-BIONIC® THE TRICK® 4.0 RUN SHIRT SH SL MEN.

This high-tech running shirt for men is part of the new X-BIONIC 4.0 generation. It optimizes runners’ energy management with the patented unique THE TRICK® technology. It revolutionizes your thermoregulation by activating the production of perspiration before you begin to overheat so you can train, compete and remain constantly active at optimal body temperature. The energy released by the earlier onset of evaporative cooling flows directly into your running performance. This mechanism acts like an energy booster for your performance and activates the best runner inside you.

Your run will be comfortable too thanks to the innovative collar construction, which ensures a perfect fit. The integrated Flexor arm cuffs prevent the sleeves from slipping. Even during your first running workout, you’ll already feel the technological advantage of the ThermoSyphon® system, the next generation of the legendary patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system. It optimizes your skin-climate management through large exchange zones on the chest and back.

This shirt is a precision instrument for maximum performance because it’s manufactured by highly precise state-of-the-art machines in Retina® ultra-high-definition quality and accordingly offers significantly more effectiveness than the previous generation X-BIONIC® products.

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Configured Technologies

  • 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® Technology

    The patented ThermoSyphon® structure adds an extra dimension to the special properties of the 3D Bionic Sphere® system: Y-shaped elements support natural thermodynamics and thus improve sweat management.

  • AirComPlex-Zone

    The AirComPlex-Zone protects the sensitive area on the solar plexus with special channels. Warm air enclosed there insulates perfectly in the cold. The system’s structure processes excess sweat from physical activity and ensures appropriate coolness in the core.

  • Air­-Conditioning Channel®

    The permanent air movement along the Air-Conditioning Channel® effectively draws out and removes moisture from the sweat zones.

  • Expansion Flex Zone at the shoulder joint

    The Expansion Flex Zone encircling the shoulder joint optimise arm movement.

  • Fixation Ribs

  • Flexor Arm Cuff

    Assymetrical arm cuff to avoid unpleasant sleeve movement.

  • IDEO-Waistband

    The ideally designed, ergonomically optimised waistband, with higher cut in the back, keeps the garment in place even during constant movements.

  • ISO-Shoulder

    ISO-Shoulder forms an insulating layer to keep penetrating cold at bay. Outstanding protection against chilling upper body garments.

  • Stability Zone

    The Stability Zone keeps the shirt in the right place and prevents uncomfortable riding up during dynamic torso movement.

  • Sweat Collector

    The Air-Conditioning Channel® on the inside of the arm dissipates heat at a controlled rate. The fine knitted structure immediately ducts moisture away.

  • Sweat Distributor with Partialkompression®

    The combination of X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® and knit-in ridges collects excess sweat and allows it to evaporate over a broad area to provide extra cooling for heat-intensive muscle areas.

  • Sweat Transporter

    Sweat Transporters ensure that sweat can evaporate exactly there, where it can have the largest possible cooling effect on overheated muscles.

  • Sweat Traps®

    Large dimensioned sweat traps, ergonomically positioned based on laboratory tests, prevent the moisture from dripping and provide active cooling.


    To address this issue, X-BIONIC® developed THE TRICK®. A special weave along the spinal column simulates overheating of the body. As a result, the brain triggers sweat production long before overheating can occur. Early sweating permits more effective cooling that sustains energy reserves.

  • X­-Impact Technology

    Better performance from graduated compression that reduces muscle oscillations, supports muscles and joints and optimises nutrient supply. The X-Impact Technology® of X-BIONIC® stabilises muscles from the start. You conserve energy resources. Ideal conditions for high performance.