X-SOCKS® Ski Rider Silver 4.0

  • STRONGER: LAMBERTZ-NICHOLSON ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTOR 4.0. The Achilles tendon lies in the opening of the cushion and is thus protected from pressure and friction.

  • HELIXCOIL SYSTEM. Two concentric, spiral pressure webs integrated in the sock structure enclosing the calf muscles from ankle to knee. Effective muscle support without affecting blood circulation.

  • ANATOMICALLY SHAPED SINOFIT FOOTBED WITH SILVER. Thousands of micro loops made of 99.9% pure silver bed feet softly, effectively reducing bacteria formation. Patented in 24 countries.

  • SUPPRONATION® BANDAGE. Supports a healthy foot posture, counteracts overloading of the ankle joint. Patented in 34 countries.

  • 100% PURE SWISS ENGINEERED. Made in Italy. 700+ international awards and test wins, 800+ patent registrations for the products with the "X".

Experience more warmth, more power and more fun on long winter sports days. With 15 innovations from 20 years of experience, the X-SOCKS® SKI RIDER SILVER 4.0 offer comprehensive protection and comfort for winter sports enthusiasts. The high-tech socks of Generation 4.0 are the result of continuous development. They prevent pressure points and chafing and use top technologies to effectively protect your feet, calves and toes. The intelligent ventilation system ensures a dry and warm skin climate even after hours. The long-lasting, comfortable thermoregulation promotes the performance of competitive winter sportsmen and passionate hobby skiers. The new HeliXCoil system supports the calf muscles and reduces the risk of fatigue-related injuries. The innovative Suppronation® footbed counteracts possible overloading and ensures a balanced foot posture.