X-SOCKS® Marathon Helix Retina 4.0

  • STRONGER: LAMBERTZ-NICHOLSON ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTOR 4.0. The Achilles tendon lies in the opening of the cushion and is thus protected from pressure and friction.

  • ONLY WITH X-SOCKS® 4.0: INNOVATIVE RETINA® ULTRA-HIGH-DEFINITION TECHNOLOGY. Provides ultra-high definition texture, ultra-high density function transmission and ultra-high precision body zoning.

  • HELIXCOIL SYSTEM. Two concentric, spiral pressure webs integrated in the sock structure enclosing the calf muscles from ankle to knee. Effective muscle support without affecting blood circulation.

  • TRAVERSE AIRFLOW CHANNEL SYSTEM. 3-channel ventilation system that transports moisture and heat to the Air-Conditioning Channel®.

  • 100% PURE SWISS ENGINEERED. Made in Italy. 700+ international awards and test wins, 800+ patent registrations for the products with the "X".

Trust the technologically advanced X-SOCKS® MARATHON HELIX RETINA 4.0 and get ready for the challenges of long-distance running. The special generation 4.0 socks for endurance runners are manufactured in ultra-high resolution Retina® technology. The integrated HelixCoil system supports the calf muscles and reduces the risk of fatigue-related injuries. The knit fabric, which precisely embeds the optimized Air-Conditioning Channel® 4.0, promotes highly efficient ventilation. The shape-optimized Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 with its two-part cushion encloses the sensitive zone above the heel to protect against pressure, impact and friction. Together with the Heel Protector, the AirFlow Ankle Pads additionally reinforce the protective space around the heel and ankle.