TWYCE® 4.0


Run faster, better and longer. Increase your performance with the X-BIONIC® TWYCE 4.0 RUN SHIRT SH SL MEN from generation 4.0.

Its performance advantage: extremely high-performance skin-climate management thanks to the patented unique ThermoSyphon® System, the next generation of the 3D Bionic Sphere® System, which has a 200% larger surface area. Its latest developmental stage maximizes air exchange through 3D structures and Y-shaped elements. It cools when you sweat and warms when you're cold. This helps ambitious runners stay in the optimal performance range for longer.

Secure support is provided by the new Ideo-Waistband, which has ergonomically optimized tailoring with a higher line in the back.

Also new and optimized specifically for running are the forearm area and the comfortable collar, which promotes constant air exchange.

This X-BIONIC 4.0-generation functional wear for runners is manufactured in Retina® ultra-high definition quality. You can feel the difference in the highly effective density, the intensive functional transmission and the precisely defined functional zones.