Radiactor 4.0.

Radiactor 4.0

What nature forgot to give the human skin, X-Bionic® is developing for you. Based on bionic discoveries, with scientif cally demonstrated effectiveness. Xitanit® 2.0. reflects the heat of the sun as well as body heat. In winter, Xitanit® 2.0 keeps heat against the surface of the skin. The features of Xitanit® 2.0 and its weave structures distribute sweat optimally over the entire surface of the skin.

Engineered out of the revolutionary Xitanit® 2.0 yarn it's able to reflect radiated heat inward, providing perfect temperature regulation even during the coldest of winter days. In combination with the high-tech yarn, the patented technologies inside the Radiactor® 4.0 boost your performance.