Energy Accumulator 4.0 Men.

Energy Accumulator® Men

Lighter, faster, higher: requirements for modern ski-touring clothing are becoming increasingly demanding. Clothing must be light in order to allow quick movement, it has to support cooling during exhausting ascents and insulate when the weather changes. The Energy Accumulator® 4.0 combines all this with proven, patented climate technologies, improved insulation zones and highly functional protection.

Energy Accumulator 4.0 Men

Winter sports are your passion, and your favorite is ski tours? Do you love to go skiing for kilometers in picturesque corners of the world, admiring not only nature but also overcoming your own weaknesses? With Energy Accumulator® 4.0 Men functional clothing, your possibilities will certainly be even greater, allowing you to feel comfortable despite the difficult conditions. If you've tried ski touring at least once, you know that it cannot be forgotten, and you want more. Navigating the beaten paths is safe and allows you to enjoy beautiful views. Still, winter mountain tourism, experienced through undiscovered routes, is so exciting that it is impossible to end the adventure. Energy Accumulator® 4.0 Men is lightweight clothing that, thanks to the high-quality materials, provides effective protection against overheating but also effectively cools down during exhausting stretches. All this was achieved thanks to modern climate technologies, improved isolation zones, and highly functional protection. You don’t believe it? Try Energy Accumulator® 4.0 Men and see that the cooling power will accompany you whenever you need it!

With Energy Accumulator® 4.0 from X-Bionic, your goal is closer than you think

Ski touring is a demanding sport. It is an activity that is not only exhausting but also takes place under challenging conditions. Lots of snow and frost or, on the contrary, the harsh sun means you have to be prepared for anything. Of course, ski equipment that will provide you with the right level of safety is essential, but getting cold or overheating is equally dangerous. If you have climbed longer mountain sections at least once, you know that a cold body also copes poorly at altitude - frozen legs and arms do not provide much agility. Overheating, in turn, weakens the body and takes away the energy you need at this point. High Partialkomression® technology helps to maintain optimal blood circulation and cool the skin. If you are afraid that thermal underwear will be uncomfortable in constant movement, you must know the models from X-Bionic have been designed and optimized in such a way that they stay in the same place, even during intense physical activity. With Energy Accumulator® 4.0 Men, overcoming your weaknesses is not a problem!

Choose Energy Accumulator® 4.0 for Men from X-Bionic and overcome your own weaknesses without exceeding the limits of your abilities