On the Road
of Perfection

Inspired by the pursuit of speed

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini brings the aura of the automobile brand onto the human body and provides it with the physical superiority that makes it an icon. Exclusivity and aesthetics, dynamics and prestige, crowned by visible technological advantage. At Automobili Lamborghini, the interplay of surface and edge have been made into a design language. Decision Layer designed from X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini show just as an unmistakeable handwriting: the revolutionary X-BIONIC® Partialkompression® with its alternating compression zones for outstanding bodily cooling and performance.

X-BIONIC® SpaceFrame Technology.

Sooner or later, the air between the sportsman‘s active body and conventional sports clothing is saturated with moisture. Athletes perspire, and the moisture-rich air builds up. The body threatens to overheat. Jerseys, jackets and pants become moist, stick to the body, feel heavy and unpleasant. X-BIONIC® prevents this problem with the SpaceFrame Technology. High technology that permits optimum sports performance. The term “spaceframe” comes from the automobile industry. Here, it stands for a lightweight but highly functional chassis. It saves energy and offers optimum function with very little weight. A human being isn‘t an automobile. But the human also needs an outer shell for maximum sports performance that combines light weight and optimum functionality. The X-BIONIC® SpaceFrame Technology offers you exactly that, taking into account the special requirements of the human body.

486 parts


Any more would be dead weight and any less would mean something was missing. Formula Ski from X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini achieves breathtaking perfection, made by hand in precisely 486 sections. Admittedly, there are easier projects to work on. But the complex human body requires complex solutions. Especially when it comes to skiing.

Loaded with

Hotspots On Off

Shirt Short Sleeves

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Shirt

PERFECT RUN. For best time, every detail has to be perfect. And the X-BIONIC® engineers have engineered just that. The X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Shirt is now available, a high-tech bio-interface for runners. Extreme technological density and minimum weight-to-power ratio are designed in without compromises, just as for racing.

Pants Short

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Pants

BRINGS MORE POWER TO THE STREETS. Conventional running pants ignore your anatomy. Running doesn‘t just rely on training of your thigh muscles. It also needs optimum utilisation of the muscle potential during activity. Cooling perspiration plays the key role in that process. The X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Pants bring the perspiration to where it can have a performance-boosting effect.

Socks Long

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Socks

STEP ON THE GAS WHILE RUNNING: With X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Socks you increase the performance of your musculature and the cooling power on your calves to their maximum. With maximum X-BIONIC® Partialkompression®, you can get the best out of your physical condition. X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Running Socks are the highest available level of competitive performance.



Great feelings, on the other hand, grow in the heart. Especially here, in Italy, the home of X-BIONIC® and Lamborghini alike. The shared axes of elegance, perfection and fascination ranges from the birthplace of the automobile brand with the bull, to Sant‘Agata Bolognese, from the X-BIONIC® factories in Northern Italy to Wollerau, Switzerland, where the X-BIONIC® engineers and design teams work: Guaranteeing Swiss quality and precision for intelligent products and powerful performance, for engineering art and high-tech to the last detail.
X-Bionic® Wollerau, CH
X-Bionic® Asola, IT
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