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X-BIONIC® SystemGear helps achieve your full potential in all environmental conditions.


Until now athletes needed a broad assortment of varying technical pieces to adapt optimally to different environmental conditions.

The Solution


This forms the first and most essential layer of the system. It cools when you sweat and warms when you're cold. With higher levels of activity, a thin, cooling film of moisture is maintained while excess sweat is wicked away. With light activity, the Decision Layer insulates. The result: The body remains perfectly regulated and the athlete is able to perform powerfully for longer.


The second layer of the system disperses the moist warmth, without allowing the moisture to condense, and therefore stabilises the cooling effect of the first layer. At the same time, it creates channels and space in which air can gather to store warmth. If the weather is warm, it keeps the insulating heat of the Transmission Layer away from the body.


The job of the third layer is to protect the body during physical activity from outside influences such as cold, wind and rain. In that way, it achieves superior performance without detracting from the function of the layers underneath.





The Solution