Science is only as good as its proof.

At Italy’s CeRiSM research center, at the State University of Sport and Health in Verona, we evaluated the scientific proof of Effektor with comparison testing in 2011. Under realistic conditions, top athletes experienced the type of stresses that the body would typically feel in competition. In comparison with other sportswear, the research and development prove Effektor products provide athletes longer endurance, quicker recovery time, higher performance, less lactate build up, quicker reaction time, and a lower heart rate during activity.


The CeRiSM carried out to study “the effectiveness of specific compression clothing in cases of moderate hyperthermia”. The focus was particularly on the collection of values used to confirm the hypothesis that wearing compression clothing with a wave-like structure during intensive and extended exercise could change metabolic and performances parameters in cases of hypothermia compared to traditional or full-surface compression clothing.