Energizer® 4.0.

Energizer® 4.0

Controlling sweat is good. Taking advantage of it is even better. The X-BIONIC® Energizer® 4.0 distributes the sweat precisely where it belongs – namely, over a wide surface and directly on the skin. The body’s cooling is optimised, the athlete needs less energy for temperature regulation, and performance ability increases. If there is no sweat being produced, the action changes. Insulating air is stored and the systems serves to warm.

In order to keep you performing under all conditions, X-Bionic® engineers have made the tried-and-tested even better and adapted the Energizer® line based on the latest scientific studies. The Energizer® 4.0. is a technically outstanding product, that optimally supports thermoregulation, acting as a stabilizer allowing the body to focus on performance and thus increasing it.