Commercial eComm Specialist (m/f) 100%

X-BIONIC AG is the disruptive think tank based in Wollerau, the Silicon Valley of Switzerland. It was created by Scientist Prof. Dr. Bodo W. Lambertz, the inventor that has substantially changed the landscape of high-tech functional wear and innovative production technologies in the fields of thermoregulating apparel. Like Sir James Dyson, Professor Amar G. Bose, Peter Skak Olufsen and Dieter Burmester, Professor Lambertz was just recently awarded for his lifetime achievement by the prestigious Plus X Award.


Highly motivated people shape the success of our premium supersportswear brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® and APANI®. And we constantly expand our ability to tackle new challenges. By doing so we have been setting trends worldwide for decades that delight a global audience. Hundreds of awards, including prestigious awards such as iF, red dot and Plus X, document our superiority in innovation, product design and functionality. X-BIONIC has been named the most innovative brand in the sportswear industry by the Plus X jury for 11 consecutive times. Our ideas fuel partnerships with top brands.


X-BIONIC Commercial eComm Specialist shall develop and carry out the strategic commercial online marketing plans for to generate strong growth. As such, you need to stay current with the online marketing environment and adapt the strategy to best serve the interests of the organization and to keep pace with the competition in your field.


The Commercial eComm Specialsit is heavily involved with our company websites and social media execution, particularly advertising and content elements. Given the 24/7 nature of online shopping, Commercial eComm Specialist work irregular hours and be on call to handle any issues that arise. You collaborate with Technical eComm Specialist and content developers, fellow businesses and customers. General duties will include SEM, setting up KPI’s optimizing the activities based on results, website consumer journey optimization, market research, budgeting, supervising the eCommerce team, and presenting actions, targets and results to the management team.



Work Summary


  • Meet customers’ expectations by recommending changes to product or services and websites.
  • Drive and supervise web merchandising to accomplish the company revenue target.
  • Develop strategies for best investment tactics for each action.
  • Providing support for strategy development and sales performances.
  • Drives efforts related to optimization of consumer and customer journeys, and testing digital marketing solutions focusing on improving digital KPIs
  • Builds a framework to deploy agile Marketing through Big Data/advanced analytics to create agile commercial programs to acquire and retain customers and consumers that maximizes return on investment
  • Seeks out and interprets key trends in digital marketing, in order to drive necessary focus and innovation for business growth
  • Drives the Content Management Journey along the acquisition funnel based visitor behavior and KPIs.


The Commercial eComm Specialist will be responsible for overseeing and managing the eComm of our company with a significant online presence. You will handle decision-making for the website, and online advertising. You will also be responsible for research and development of new online marketing strategies.


Website Design

The Commercial eComm Specialist will be responsible for determining the format and features of the website in order to maximize clarity and ease of navigation for customers. You will liaise with the Web designers to develop and alter the website as needed.


Research & Development

The Commercial eComm Specialist will keep abreast of new developments in the e-marketing world. You will also research the company’s core demographics and how to best reach them, in order to maximize search engine traffic and the effect of our company’s targeted ad buys.


Planning & Budgeting

The Commercial eComm Specialist will have a set budget from management for the business area. The Commercial eComm specialist is to plan for e-marketing expenditures well in advance and develop a financial plan that will maximize given resources.


Project Development & Presentation

The Commercial eComm Specialist will liaise directly with our management team and present the plans for any new advances or initiatives to improve the company’s online presence and e-sales.


  • Extensive experience with practices and techniques related to web merchandising or online retailing. Including but not limited to: Omnichannel presence, marketing automation, digital advertising, SEO, social media and marketing technology.
  • Operational knowledge of techniques required for market research and analysis.
  • Sound knowledge of website management and eCommerce usability.
  • Proficient with Microsoft office Applications, MS Access and others.


In the Ecommerce Manager position you need to be an organized, analytical person with strong technical skills. You are able to multitask effectively and able to problem-solve when needed. As an Ecommerce Manager you should be able to successfully manage a team of people and delegate tasks based on skills. You must be creative, pragmatic and eager to learn.



An important part of the job is effective communication. Expert written and verbal communication is key to getting message across.


Technical Understanding:

You have a strong grasp of modern technology and social media since it is essential to the job. An expert understanding of spreadsheets, databases, financial analysis, website design, search engine optimization, and e-marketing strategy will be key to fulfilling the many functions of the job.



The job is unpredictable. You must be willing to work long, irregular hours when needed. The market changes quickly, and new developments may require a quick overhaul of the company strategy. The ideal candidate will be able to change strategies and rethink conventional wisdom at any time.



The Commercial eComm Specialist will be required to oversee a small team, meet with clients and designers, and present to superiors. As such, a professional approach in speaking ability will be essential for success.

It's not a job, it's a calling.

Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz