As pure as nature intended®

In a world dominated by mass production, APANI® MERINO stands for the exact opposite. The last bastion of products that are 100 % natural. Behind every stitch is the knowledge and expertise of generations of passionate specialists. APANI® MERINO products are designed for quality and long-term sustainability. One of the secrets of our manufacturing process is our detailed understanding of the properties of the materials we use and their best possible application. The materials are part of the design process from the first moment on, whether its merino wool, leather, bamboo or hemp fibre. APANI® MERINO is defined by the natural products used. Whereas fashionable trends quickly date, APANI® MERINO collects experience.


Evolution is an excellent engineer. Over millions of years, it has perfected nature to the last detail, creating outstanding solutions. The science of bionics researches these master works – and innovative thinkers like APANI® MERINO BY X-BIONIC® makes them useful to humans. Discover how attractive wool can be when inspired X-BIONIC® developers lend it outstanding intelligence with their pioneering technology.


Nature has given Saxon Merinos a coat that protects them from the wind and the rain. Its fine wool structure forms a protective layer. This is how they manage to survive the cold winters and hot summers up on the high plains. APANI® MERINO only uses wool from highland merinos. There is only a small number of farms that breed these sheep. And not all of their wool has the required degree of fineness. One could argue that it’s too complicated to be viable. At APANI® MERINO it makes perfect sense. The search for perfection knows no compromises.


High-quality materials are pleasant to wear. Modern designs are often eye-catching. But its functionality that remains the decisive factor. Wool provides warmth. It’s the best possible protection for sheep – but not necessarily for people. Wool cannot cope with sweat. It soaks up sweat and becomes heavy and unpleasant to wear. Sheep don’t sweat. People do. APANI® MERINO makes wool intelligent, by integrating extra functionality. Patented machines are used to knit a three-dimensional fabric from Merino wool. Sweat gets processed. APANI® MERINO makes clothing that is fully functional.


APANI® MERINO cools when you sweat, and warms when you freeze. That's functional clothing made by X-BIONIC®. The Swiss think tank led by Professor Dr. Bodo W. Lambertz relies on innovation. With great success too. The 3D Bionic Sphere® System is a technology unique around the world that specifically wicks away sweat and very practically optimises its cooling effect. Only the knitting machines we've developed in-house can fabricate this complex, three-dimensional structure. Only they can implement high textile technology. Our prize-winning textile designer, physiologists and scientists work to ensure it. Experience, knowledge and engagement team up to build progress in Switzerland. Protected by Patent EP1476033, DK1476033, SI1476033T, CN3807886, JP 4 546 734, CA 2475537

Coming up with environmentally friendly solutions is just a matter of will.

Companies who want the best for all of us need to do more to protect environmental, economic and social structures. By means of our Efficient Communication Concept ‘E.CO’ we save around 650 tons of paper a year. Instead of sending out thousands of catalogues, we produce one only catalogue per product sold: our packaging. It protects and at the same time provides information about our high-quality products.