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Fennec® Desert Fox Technology

Like Running and Biking in the Shade We are saving valuable resources by learning from nature, taking advantage of the millions of years nature has already spent perfecting its developments. Fennec®, the desert fox, lives and hunts in extreme heat. Invariably, it has adapted perfectly to these hostile conditions. Its glossy, silvery fur, for example, reflects the heat radiated by the sun and by its surroundings. Its large ears also dissipate a great deal of heat. This is the inspiration behind our desert fox technology. The basis of the X-BIONIC® desert fox technology is the unique material XITANIT®, which reflects radiated heat and widely distributes sweat across the skin, to provide effective cooling. At the same time, the conductivity of the bacteriostatic yarn draws excess heat from the body and dissipates it in the outside air.

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