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Research, Development & Design done in Switzerland

X­-Impact Technology

First the pressure increases, then your performance.

The Challenge

Better performance from graduated compression that reduces muscle oscillations, supports muscles and joints and optimises nutrient supply.

The Solution

Muscle activity creates initially unnoticeable high-frequency vibrations. If the muscles tire, however, the frequency of the oscillations becomes slower, and the muscle vibrations become perceptible. The muscles have no power. The X-Impact Technology stabilises muscles from the outset. You save energy resources. The ideal situation for high performance. The X-Impact Technology has a stabilising effect on the blood vessels. Support of the blood vessels reduces the load on the cardiovascular system and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Muscles and organs are supplied more rapidly with performance-enhancing oxygen and nutrients thanks to the more rapid recirculation of blood back through the heart.

Revitalises and saves energy through effective temperature regulation. Its comfortable fit, a loose fit, lies close to the body without a tight fit. INVENT® is extremely elastic. Men’s and women’s models.


Reduces muscle vibrations, supports muscles and joints. Optimises freedom of movement as well as simultaneously the circulation of blood, which improves nutrient supply to the muscles. Men’s and women’s models.


Lies snugly against the body and reduces muscle vibrations and oscillations. Helps maintain a lower heart rate, supports stabilised blood pressure and a rapid venous return of blood to the heart for a good nutrient supply. Men’s and women’s models.

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