If there is one piece of running equipment that is often overlooked, it’s socks. But whether you’re pounding pavement or tearing up the trails, this small tube of fabric has a far bigger impact than you may think.  

From ankle stability and muscle support to blister prevention and increased endurance, socks have a lot to offer. And with over 25 years of delivering “high-tech for your feet”, we know how to get the most out of them. 

Read on for just a few examples of how X-SOCKS help solve your greatest runner’s woes. 

Rolling ankles

Overpronation and supination – or the excessive inward or outward roll of the foot – are one of the most common issues runners face. This lack of stability stresses the joints and ligaments, causing pain (think shin splints and tendonitis) and even injury when left unchecked.  

Using a special knitted wrap built directly into the sock, our patented Suppronation® Bandage applies just enough pressure to keep muscles alert and promote a natural forward-rolling motion. The result: more stability, less fatigue, and a more efficient stride.  

Hot feet and the dreaded blister

The bane of any runner’s existence, blisters are most often caused by excess moisture leaving skin vulnerable to friction, much like your soles a few minutes into a bath. 

The obvious defense: Keep feet dry. Using an intricate network of 3D structures running from the sole to the cuff, we take advantage of the arch’s natural pumping action as it lowers and rises to draw fresh air in and hot air out with every step. 

Runner’s toe

Every runner knows the unique brand of torture that only toes vs. toe box can provoke. A well-fitted running shoe goes a long way, but a little slip and slide is inevitable in constant motion, especially during downhill segments.  

Enter the X-Bionic ToeTip Protector. Made with impact-absorbing, hollow-core fibers, this specialized buffer protects toes via enclosed air chambers, ensuring lasting comfort no matter how long (or bumpy) the mission. 

Your Achilles heel (literally)

If you haven’t experienced heel pain (be it from pressure, friction, tendonitis or blisters), are you even a runner? This sensitive zone is hard at work no matter how smooth your stride, so it’s naturally also prone to injury and irritation. 

To alleviate matters, heel-enveloping padding is complemented by our Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector. Strategically placed shock-absorbing cushions surround the tendon, forming a protective recess to prevent pressure and ensure a comfortable, friction-free run. 

Muscle fatigue

Did you know that running subjects you to repeated impacts estimated to equal 1.5 - 3 times your bodyweight? The resulting oscillations in the muscles and tendons (known as “Soft Tissue Vibrations” or STV) in turn drain energy, increase your risk of injury, and decrease overall performance.  

Compression wear helps reduce STV, giving runners an added boost by conserving the would-be lost energy. X-Bionic Partialkompression® goes a step further by using unique, narrowly spaced compression ridges to glean all the benefits of traditional compression, while promoting blood circulation and airflow to the skin. Bottom line: Perform better, recover faster.