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The body knows how to take care of itself during sports. You just have to let it.

The Challenge
The challenge: How can we keep your body core temperature at the optimat 37°C?. In order for the human body to function, its core temperature has to be 37°C. If it threatens to drop below that, the body tries to maintain it by shutting off the blood flow in the veins and capillaries to the extremities, and by starting to shiver. It‘s different with sport. Physical exertion and activities dilate your blood vessels. And when the body temperature begins to climb, the body starts to sweat.


The human body knows how to adapt quickly and effectively to physical exertion. Heart rate climbs in order to drive more oxygen into the veins. So that the body core temperature stays at 37 °C, more blood is demanded by the peripheral blood vessels where it can be cooled by the evaporative process with sweat. Technical apparel that takes sweat away from the body disturbs the natural cooling effect. That costs extra energy, instead of assisting the body. More sweat and more valuable minerals are lost. That's exactly the problem that X‑BIONIC® SystemGear effectively prevents whilst also supporting the body in its performance ability.


**1 | APPROX. 28 °C EXTERIOR TEMPERATURE – HEAT INSULATION.** ISO-Shoulder (Part of the Climatronic® System) protects the shoulders in winter against the effects of cold. Seen here in yellow. **2 | APPROX 27°C/ 29°C EXTERIOR TEMPERATURE - INSULATION** 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® Technology . The complex system of channels operates as insulation against cold, whilst developing an interior dynamic that effectively draws away warmth and moisture from garments over a large surface area. The threat of post-event overcooling is eliminated, yet you still won‘t feel the wetness of sweat there. The activity in the interior of the 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon® Technology is visible through the rapid alternation of green and yellow colouring within this area. **3 | APPROX. 26 °C EXTERIOR TEMPERATURE – MODERATE RELEASE OF WARMTH.​** Warmth is needed in the body‘s core to support the interior organs. Warmth is only released at a medium level there. Optimal overall results are only possible when ISO-Pads for the hips are combined with the Air-Conditioning Channel® to balance out the warmth. (Both a part of the Climatronic®System) Seen here in green/ yellow. **4 | APPROX 26°C EXTERIOR TEMPERATURE - MODERATE RELEASE OF WARMTH​** The thigh muscles produce warmth that is released in a regulated way. The thighs are also kept warm through exterior ISO-Pads (part of the Climatronic® System).