Men's Performance Running

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  • STRONGER: LAMBERTZ-NICHOLSON ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTOR 4.0. The Achilles tendon lies in the opening of the cushion and is thus protected from pressure and friction.

  • SUPPRONATION® FOOTBED. Motivates the reflex foot posture correction and prevent joint overload.

  • SUPPRONATION® BANDAGE. It inhibits over-pronation or -supination, stabilises the foot in its natural rolling movement.

  • AIR-CONDITIONING CHANNEL® 4.0. Air-conducting 3D structures and high-tech special yarn promote intensive ventilation of the feet.

  • PULL-ON NON-SLIP FLAP. Prevents the sock from slipping into the shoe.

  • 100% PURE SWISS ENGINEERED. Made in Italy. 700+ international awards and test wins, 800+ patent registrations for the products with the "X".


Give new impetus to your enthusiasm for running and get on your way toward a new level of performance with the X-SOCKS® RUN PERFORMANCE 4.0 MEN. The patented high-tech functions of the X-BIONIC® 4.0 generation create ideal feel-good conditions so you can achieve your best performance on every course. You benefit in three ways from the perfect fit for men’s feet: you enjoy more protection thanks to the intelligent padded zones in the optimized Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 and the improved AirFlow Ankle Pads 2.0; you gain endurance thanks to the ventilated Air-Conditioning Channel® 4.0 and the climate regulating Instep protector with AirVent Zone on the back of your foot; and you’ll experience more comfort with stabilizing features like the Pull-On Non-Slip Flap® at the heel, which prevents the sock from slipping into the shoe. Albedo® 360-degree reflective yarn on the outer hem increases safety in the dark.


Polyamide (80%) Polypropylene (12%) Elastane (7%) Glass Bead (1%)

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