Men's Moto Light Long Sleeve Shirt

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  • ENERGIZER® 4.0. Highly functional decision layer of generation 4.0. First choice for sports enthusiasts who prefer unlimited comfort, optimal thermoregulation and light compression.

  • ONLY WITH X-BIONIC® 4.0: INNOVATIVE RETINA® ULTRA-HIGH-DEFINITION TECHNOLOGY. Provides ultra-high definition texture, ultra-high density function transmission and ultra-high precision body zoning.

  • AWARD-WINNING, PATENTED 3D BIONIC SPHERE® SYSTEM WITH THERMOSYPHON® TECHNOLOGY. Features complex 3D structures of inner and outer air channels. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold.

  • INNERLAP AIRCONDITIONING ZONE® is a fine network of knitted fabric with ZERO‑Insulation Zone. Cools via air exchange as soon as sweat develops.

  • 100% PURE SWISS ENGINEERED. Made in Italy. 700+ international awards and test wins, 800+ patent registrations for the products with the "X".


On your motorbike tours, nothing should distract you from the riding experience - because unrestricted concentration ensures equal parts enjoyment and safety. With the summer-light X-BIONIC® MOTO ENERGIZER 4.0 LIGHT SHIRT LONG SLEEVE, you can enjoy unrestricted climate and movement comfort in warmer temperatures and do without disturbances caused by freezing or sweating. With a multitude of climate-active functional zones, the shirt of the X-BIONIC® 4.0 generation ensures intelligent thermoregulation behaviour and at the same time guarantees freedom of movement thanks to an ergonomic cut. With the revolutionary Retina® technology, high-tech yarns can be knitted in ultra-high resolution. The legendary patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system is reinforced in the super-dense material by the new ThermoSyphon® technology: complex 3D structures, Y-elements and inner and outer ventilation channels are precisely positioned for intelligent, even more efficient thermoregulation.


Polyamide (82%) Elastane (10%) Polypropylene (8%)