The human race has evolved over the last 6 million years. At some point evolution could prepare us for the physical demands of snowboarding, cycling, or jogging. But do you really want to wait 6 million years to achieve your optimum performance? X-BIONIC® already consistently makes use of knowledge from evolution to devise unique products for solutions that will help you optimize your performance.


A bird’s wing is a masterpiece of multifunctionality. Its spread allows maximum lift, its intelligent design provides stability, the hollow quills give it an extremely low weight and its variable surface ensures optimum control. If you want to create a similarly multifunctional system of clothing, you have to make use of the knowledge that comes from bionics.

Industrial Design

X-BIONIC® adds the perfect interface to the human organism, adapting it to outside influences and making it more competitive, sensitive and superior. X-BIONIC® understands the substance of groundbreaking innovations. Our with with survivors such as the shark, the desert-dwelling fennec fox or amphibians, has lead to revolutionary innovations.


From a technological viewpoint, X-BIONIC® is more at home in the aviation industry than in the world of sports clothing. Our engineers make use of high-tech research and innovative materials. no detail is superfluous, ever fiber has a function. Every product is a sophisticated construction that integrate the body perfectly into its specific sporting environment. Instead of sweat absorbing material, unique membranes come into play and give energy back to the body.


Do you expect maximum performance from your products? We think the same way. Which is why we never compromise, at any stage of production. Where some brands rely on cheap production, X-BIONIC® relies on tradition. Our products of unprecedented quality are produced where the high art of yarns and textiles have dominated for generations.


The use of patented high-tech procedures and highly-qualified staff is similar to the automotive and computer industries. Every product detail is painstakingly elaborated and improved to perfection in efficiency and function. The key is integrated production. Every phase of manufacturing our products complies with our highest standards. You can be certain the product you own is perfect in every aspect.