XB 101

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In just over a decade, X-­BIONIC® has redefined the world of advanced sportswear. With teams of biologists, medical practitioners, engineers, bionics scientists and experienced athletes, X-­BIONIC® is truly revolutionizing the world of sport.


Lesson in Bionics

There’s a lot in nature that inspires X-­BIONIC®. Our scientists have mastered the art of evolutionary engineering unlike anyone else. Their knowledge of nature serves as a basis for developing our technology that helps redefine man’s potential to perform. Our work with survivors such as the shark, the desert­dwelling fennec fox or amphibians has lead to the revolutionary innovations of X­-BIONIC®.


Lesson 1: Why sweat?

Problem: Dry skin can be fatal because it does not cool the body.

Why: Ask yourself the question, “why do we sweat?” Sweat is essential for always performing your best. A study conducted a few years ago at two German universities found that an athlete uses 97% of their energy for thermoregulation. 97% of your energy is essentially wasted on keeping the body’s core at an optimal temperature. By using this much energy for thermoregulation, your body is left with only 3% of its energy left for moving, concentration and other functions. With the right clothing, you have the ability to create more energy for performance.

Proof: Have you thought about why humans don’t boil while in the sauna? It’s simply because we are cooled by evaporation and sweat, which eggs don’t have the ability to do.

Misconception: You’ve been told for years that having dry skin during exercise is the ultimate goal. This is absolute nonsense. Dry skin doesn’t cool the body.

Solution: X-­BIONIC® leaves an important film of sweat on your skin.


Lesson 2: Keeping sweat.

Problem: If you wipe sweat away, your body needs to work harder to keep itself cool.

Why: Sweating helps us adapt to the different temperatures around us and is essential to our performance and body temperature regulation. Try putting water on your forehead.

1) Take a dab of water and put it on your forehead.

2) Do you feel the water evaporate as it touches your skin?

3) As you wipe away the water, you’ll feel your skin become dry and thus not cooling anymore.

Misconception: We’ve been taught that completely wicking away sweat is better for the body. This is not the case, as sweating is something that occurs due to millions of years of human evolution.

Solution: X­-BIONIC® is an innovative and forward­thinking functional clothing industry leader by creating efficient skin cooling systems and partial muscle compression.

Video: X-BIONIC® and Sport Science (Fox Sports News) in the EMPA labs

Partial Kompression

Problem: Full surface compression negatively affects thermoregulation.

Why: Full surface compression has positive aspects, but it also negatively affects your core body temperature.

Proof: Your skin turns red as you begin exercising. If you were to push on this part of your skin, you would see a white spot which is a result of squeezing the blood into deeper parts of your skin.

Misconception: You have been sold that full surface compression enhances our performance. This is not what we believe.

Solution: X­-BIONIC® utilizes the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling.