X-BIONIC® makes history with the first triple vision in one year

Leader in the race between of premium brands: X-BIONIC®

There can only be one best brand. And again it is X-BIONIC®. With a clear lead, the cult brand conquers the coveted seal of approval "Best Brand of the Year" at the international Plus X Award. At eye level with Apple, BMW, Braun and Volkswagen, X-BIONIC® once again underlines its claim to leadership.


Unique added value for athletes and the trade

What makes X-BIONIC® so superior is deeply rooted in the DNA of the Swiss think tank: technical superiority, passionate innovative spirit and the unique, bionic approach of the X-BIONIC® engineers. These ingredients create globally sought-after, patented technologies and products. They make athletes even more efficient and strengthen trading partners who can deliver real customer benefits and valuable advice quality with X-BIONIC®.


To reach the top, you have to master every stage

The title of "Best Brand of the Year" does not reward a snapshot. Rather, it crowns the consistent performance of a brand over a whole year. During this period, X-BIONIC® takes the lead with seven award winners who won the "Best product" title: ENERGIZER MK3, THE TRICK RUNNING SHIRT, SPHEREWIND G2 BIKE ZIP SHIRT, TWICE G2 BIKE JACKET, STREAMLITE G2 BIKE JACKET, HELIXCOIL, EFFECTOR G2 BIKE BIB.


X-BIONIC® makes history with the first triple vision in one year

In 2019, X-BIONIC® proves its superiority three times over. "Best Brand of the Year", "Most Innovative Brand of the Year" and most of the award-winning products - the winner is always X-BIONIC®. With this hat trick, X-BIONIC® makes it harder than ever to catch up with the competition.


X-BIONIC®: Innovation leadership for the 11th time in a row

Bonn/Wollerau: The Plus X Award is the world's largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle. It honors brands for the quality and innovative edge of their products. On 11.7.2019 the time has come again: then the winner of the "Most innovative Brand" Award will be chosen in the former Bundestag in Bonn. And the winner is: the X-BIONIC® brand for the 11th time.


Since 2008, the Swiss think tank has been awarding the gold trophy for the best innovation performance year after year. Because the developers, engineers and designers of the cult brand develop progress out of passion. Their patented high-tech functional clothing, developed on the basis of bionic findings, sets global standards.


The visionary idea giver and engineer Prof. Dr. Bodo W. Lambertz laid the foundation stone for the brand two decades ago. With disruptive technologies ("Turn Sweat into Energy®") and proven performance improvements, X-BIONIC® grew into an internationally recognized premium brand with a wide range of products, specially developed for almost every sport. To this day, the imaginative X-BIONIC® continues the success story.



X-Technology, the think tank for highly functional clothing, has been combining Swiss precision and Italian craftsmanship in its products for the brands X-BIONIC®, X-SOCKS® and Apani® since 1998. In just a few years, X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® have redefined the world of functional clothing. As the brand name X-BIONIC® makes clear, the developers of X-Technology® transfer bionic findings from nature into functional clothing with the aim of increasing the performance and well-being of athletes. To this end, groundbreaking technologies are used. Protected by more than 800 international patent registrations, these aim, for example, to release the body's own energy reserves through thermoregulation. Over 600 international awards, over 800 medals including Olympic gold and test wins for innovation, product quality, functionality and material quality are no coincidence.