JoBerg2c - Danny Vogel, 'Bionic Man' & TWYCE®

JoBerg2c - Ride or die.  

From Jo (hannesburg) through Mount (Drakensberg) to C (sea-Indian Ocean)! This race, these nine days, this adventure had me in 2013 and hasn’t let go since. Two runs with gear shifts and two runs in single speed on the bike. These were my choices for the last four years.

Initially, I wanted to race the cirucuit this year with a geared bike and see what was possible in the rankings of the first stage. My physical form was in great shape thanks to an incredibly beautiful stay in New Zealand in February, where I had the opportunity to drive a stage race for training purposes, I felt as fit on the bike as I’d never been before.

Surprisingly shocking was finding out 4 weeks before my departure to South Africa, the organizer of JoBerg2c announced a single-speed category only for the event. This made me decide between trying to reach the top 30 overall with a geared bike or try and give it all with the singlespeed to win. After a short time of going back and forth, the decision was made; Single speed! I was physically in shape and from previous years, I was familiar with riding a singlespeed 950km on the bike. Thus I flew relatively relaxed to South Africa to face the challenge.

Though I had chosen a chainring with two teeth in the previous years, the first three stages with their never-ending farmroads and bare meters of height were torturing for me. Then on this stages, I lost most of the time by pedalling in vain and then had to try to regain the minutest painstakingly on the following climbs. Nevertheless, I was surprised by my ranking.

From day 4, the course finally took to the mountains and I pokered by leaving the higher gear-ratios on the MTB. That was also new to me and I didn’t know if my legs would make the journey of around 110km and 2000hm daily. But they did! After day 4, it was clear that the single speed category was mine, but at this point quite a lot could go wrong. So I set myself a new goal - Top 30 overall and top 15 in the solo riders. Not to mention I was 1 of 800 starters!

With this new motivated mind-set, I drove the remaining 4 days in full swing sporting my TWYCE set. Managing to make up positions one by one thanks to the functionality and reliability of my X-Bionic® equipment. This achievement earned me great respect from my competitors and everyone called me the BIONIC machine! :)

The sum of all factors, good shape - perfect clothing – not an accident- no defect - strong will - always driven by the JOY and FUN, finally let me reach the finish in Scottsburgh for an incredibly great 24th overall place. On the final stretch, I decided that I would be back in Johannesburg the next year together, with 800 other mountainbikers, to compete in these fascinating races. But rather with gears and the finishing amongst the Top 15!


9 days / 9 stages / approx. 950km / approx. 13.000hm / 800+ participants

1st stage: 114km - 900hm / 4h 41min

Stage 2: 90km - 900hm / 3h 42min

Stage 3: 126km - 1300hm / 5h 32min

Stage 4: 90km - 1100hm / 3h 31min

Stage 5: 135km - 1900hm / 5h 26min

Stage 6: 100km - 1800hm / 5h 02min

Stage 7: 83km - 1400hm / 3h 37min

Stage 8: 97km - 1500hm / 4h 22min

Stage 9: 83km - 1100hm / 3h 30min

Total travel time: 39h 27min

Total placement: 24