X-BIONIC wins gold at German Design Awards 2022


X-Bionic is delighted to receive German Design Gold Award 2022 which highlights the results of restless hard-work and research. The aim is perfection, and with X-BIONIC® TWYCE 4.0 we took a step closer towards that goal. The gold standard technologies woven into the fabric of our sports clothing help push you further to achieve your goals, too.

Jury Statement: With its X-BIONIC® TWYCE 4.0 RUN SHIRT, X-Technology has developed an extremely functional running shirt, which cools the body through the use of various innovative technologies when you sweat and warms you up when you are cold. A consistently optimal body temperature saves energy and promises an increase in performance and well-being while exercising. 


Increase your performance with the X-BIONIC® TWYCE 4.0 RUN SHIRT SH SL MEN. Its performance advantages include extremely high-performance skin-climate management thanks to the patented unique ThermoSyphon® System and the next generation of the 3D Bionic Sphere® System, which has a 200% larger surface area. Its latest developmental stage maximizes air exchange through 3D structures and Y-shaped elements. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold.

But in the endless hunt for perfection, sometimes just one award doesn't cut it. That's why we're delighted that X-SOCKS® SNOWBOARD 4.0 have also been awarded. As with all our socks, SNOWBOARD 4.0 have been designed according to anatomical considerations and optimally support the function of your feet. Thirteen different technologies work together to protect your feet and put you in prime position for strong jumps, stable turns and soft landings. Even hard surfaces and bumpy slopes are no longer a problem, because the sophisticated padding absorbs the shock and reduces the risk of sustaining skin abrasions, pressure points, and blisters.

Jury Statement: The "X-SOCKS® 4.0 SNOWBOARD" were developed according to anatomical evidence, optimally support the function of the feet while snowboarding and at the same time protect against pressure points and blisters.


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