Ironman Champion

Timo Bracht



The 44 years old Timo Bracht was one of the most successful long-distance triathletes in the world for fifteen years with about nine Ironman victories. He is considered a proven expert on the triathlon scene and has been an X-Bionic Ambassador since 2011. He took part in the legendary Ironman Hawaii fourteen times and was a European and German Champion several times. He is one of the leading fitness and motivation experts. Timo Bracht stands for consistency, he always has the goal to belong to the best and to reach his set goals. He has a clear route, a strong will, stamina, a perfect technique and with us at his side the best equipment. Timo Bracht is a sports personality with an incredible track record. He also takes care of amateur athletes on their way to the perfect triathlon, but also fitness beginners in training and nutrition issues. For over 20 years Timo Bracht has been active as a motivation trainer, speaker, TV commentator, and endurance sports expert and successfully cares for over 10,000 people worldwide. Since 2013 he has been responsible for the triathlon team Sport For Good and since 2018 he runs a sports medical performance center in Mosbach. Timo lives with his family in Eberbach near Heidelberg, is active daily and is an ambassador for Laureus Sport For Good. X-Bionic is proud to count Timo as an official X-Bioinic athlete. In the following section, we would like to describe this very interesting and diverse personality in more detail and explain what triathlon and sport means to him and where he finds his motivation for the sport.


As a family man, Timo prefers to celebrate his birthday every year on 22 July with his wife Bettina and his children Andre and Isabell. In his spare time, Timo lives the sport and is happy to have made his hobby his profession. Timo literally lives sport, because when he's not doing sport, he already makes plans when he can do sport again. He lives with his family in the beautiful scenic Eberbach, which is located in the Neckar Valley and Odenwald in the north of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. As athletes, we all know how important regeneration is and as part of it the nutrition. Timo is also a connoisseur and loves to initiate regeneration after a workout with a delicious Squeezy Organic Energy Bar but at the same time, he describes a real steak with fried potatoes as his favorite main meal. He prefers to round off his favorite meal with fine rice pudding or cooked chestnuts. To the meal in addition naturally, a fine beverage may not be missing, whereby an apple spritzer, beer, and Capri sun is his first choice.


Timo started his sports training in tennis, skiing, and soccer. He discovered the sport of triathlon in 1993. Triathlon then shaped his life according to the motto: "If I can do it in triathlon, then I can do it everywhere", in all aspects. In his early years, Timo dared to start studying sports science with a specialization in rehabilitation and prevention as well as educational science. In the meantime, Timo probably lives the dream of every sportsman, because he was able to make his hobby his work. Besides his training sessions, he is supported by various sponsors, without whom he never managed to become a professional triathlete. Timo lists the indoor swimming pool Waldbrunn as his preferred training location for swimming training, the Odenwald mountains for his cycling sessions, the Katzenbuckel for mountain biking, the cycle path on the Neckar for running and Engadin for skiing. In summer he also enjoys training locations like Hawaii/ Maui or Mallorca. Timo describes his favorite competition as "The one and only" Ironman in Hawaii, the Heidelbergman Triathlon and since 2003 the Ironman France.


When practicing triathlon, a good mood is a must. That's why Timo lives by his favorite sentence"now or never" and likes to quote John Lennon who said that life is what happens while you're eager to make other plans. Accordingly, Timo turns his gaze away from the distant future and tries to be in the here and now, even if this is not always easy - but of course, you can always dream! Accordingly, Timo would like to run one day still under the first three ranks at the Ironman in Hawaii. Timo's philosophy of life was influenced by his son Andre, who likes to say: "Live happy, live happy as a pug in an oat straw". He finds his motivation in inspiring other people to go out, move and experience nature. According to these words, luxury for Timo does not mean driving a Porsche, but riding a bicycle with a short shirt through the Odenwald forest in sunshine and clear air or taking a short walk with the flip flops. His main motivation, however, is his wife Bettina, who gives him the energy and support to practice triathlon at such a high level. Timo also likes to listen to motivating music by Metallica or the Toten Hosen. Like any athlete, Timo sometimes has to deal with certain defeats, but like he loves to say: "In triathlon there are no defeats because every finisher is a winner". As he already does himself, Timo also likes to be inspired by other personalities such as Mark Allen, Thomas Hellriegel or Lothar Leder.

Professional Achievements

  • 2003 - 2018: 14 participations and 9 victories in various Ironman competitions & Participation in the Ironman Championship in Hawaii
  • 2007, 2009: 2 wins at the Ironman European Championships
  • 2008: German Champion Triathlon Middle Distance
  • 2011: 5th place at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii
  • 2012: ETU European Champion in Triathlon Long Distance
  • 2013, 2014: 2 champion titles in the triathlon long distance