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Like running in the shade.

The Challenge
The burning heat of the sun, gleaming black asphalt or the hot facades of buildings are all environmental factors that can raise an athlete’s temperature. Just by regulating your body temperature, you lose valuable energy.

The Solution

We are saving valuable resources by learning from nature, taking advantage of the millions of years nature has already spent perfecting its developments. Fennec, the desert fox, lives and hunts in extreme heat. Invariably, it has adapted perfectly to these hostile conditions. Its glossy, silvery fur, for example, reflects the heat radiated by the sun and by its surroundings. Its large ears also dissipate a great deal of heat. This is the inspiration behind our desert fox technology. The basis of the X-BIONIC® desert fox technology is the unique material XITANIT®, which reflects radiated heat and widely distributes sweat across the skin, to provide effective cooling. At the same time, the conductivity of the bacteriostatic yarn draws excess heat from the body and dissipates it in the outside air.

How it Works

**3 | DISSIPATION OF BODY WARMTH** As a first step, XITANIT® draws excess body heat away from the large working muscles. Next, the material's extreme conductivity comes into play: The heat is dissipated outwards, much as it is by a silver spoon in a cup of tea.


Hardly perceptible on the skin, XITANIT® guarantees unlimited freedom of movement. For performance athletes, every gram counts. Nevertheless, muscles and organs have to maintain their optimal temperature. This is where the X-BIONIC® XITANIT® scores. It creates a unique relationship between thermal output and material strength. With XITANIT®, they have developed a high-tech material that helps the body maintain its optimum temperature. And thus improves its performance. - Reflects thermal radiation - Bacteriostatic thanks to silver ions - Optimised sweat management distributes sweat to ensure optimum cooling through evaporation - Keeps the performance of the active athlete at 100% - The microcapillary structure of the filaments also increase heat storage and insulation capacity