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Trerè innovation srl

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Patrick Lambertz | +41 44 786 03 40


X-Technology Swiss R&D AG
Samstagernstrasse 45
8832 Wollerau

Important information:

Please use the form provided here to send us your inquiry. Our customer service staff will be glad to offer you personalized assistance and solutions. In order to forward your request to the responsible customer care team, we need to know your reason of request:

General issue or request:

Your feedback is welcome. If you have questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us! In order to reply quickly, we need to know if your request/feedback is concerned with X-BIONIC® or X-SOCKS®. Please also select the right sport category and choose one of the topics in the list.

Product information: If you need more information than you can find in our product section (Men/Women), please use this contact form.

Product registration: The guarantee registration is at If you don't know how to register a product or need to change a registration, please contact us.

Dealer search: Please check our store locator For more detailed questions, feel free to contact us.

Case of warranty: Please always contact the dealer where you bought the product first!

Online shop purchase:

If you are interested in the purchase of if you have acquired a product in our online shop on this page, please use this option and choose a topic from the list. If possible, please give your order number.

General Question: For any questions on purchase, payment, order status, etc.

Goods exchange: If you want to exchange a product for another, please contact us.

Case of warranty: If you are not satisfied with the quality of your product, please select this option.

Return of goods: If you want to return a product and get the money back, please contact us here.


Are you interested in a sponsorship? Please give us your name and contact details as well as a short CV and the reason why you are interested in being sponsored by X-BIONIC® or X-SOCKS®.