Swiss National Ski Team.




Swiss National Ski Team

The Swiss National Alpine Ski Team is a superpower in the field of skiing worldwide, having demonstrated on numerous occasions its incredible strength and background, in the Olympic Games, in World Championships and World Cups. Without a doubt, one of the reasons for the team's success has been its constant application of good science. From the thorough tests that are made to the race suits and the competition material in aerodynamic tunnels, through the 3D body scanners of all their athletes, in collaboration with Armasuisse (the Swiss army), to the design of training methods To achieve better athletes, the approach has been highly academic and has put the team on the right track to achieve uninterrupted successes. X-Bionic® as official Sponsor and Partner has contributed to those wins and on the continued performance of all their athletes.

Professional Achievements (1)

  • -152 Medals (Gold 55 - Silver 45 - Bronze 52)

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