Windskin™ - High-tech material just like a second skin.

  • Detailed information

    • The problem:

      Conventional laminates keep all wind away from your body and therefore build an insurmontable wall between outside air and your body. This border is just as impassable for your body warmth, which is thick with moisture and that the body should disperse. With it, you're in danger of heat illness and performance deterioration because the body needs to use more energy to maintain its optimal body core temperature of 37 °C.

    • The solution:

      The new, thin material, developed especially by the Swiss X-BIONIC® engineers is absolutely revolutionary. Just like with tradtional wind protection for athletes, the body is protected from cold winds. In addition, the special AirConditioning Grids optimise climate regulation: Sweat and warm air can be pushed outwards unimpeded. The body therefore can maintain its optimal body core temperature of 37 °C without larger energy demands and can thus use its full performance power. X-BIONIC® Windskin™ wears just like a high-tech version of your skin. And it fulfills similar functions. It protects and is at the same time semipermeable. In addition its low weight and outstanding 6-dimensional elasticity offers absolute freedom of movement for all athletes in all sports.

    • Patents

      WindSkin™ is protected by:

      - EP2378907

  • Windskin™

    • Windskin™ membrane

      Windskin™ membrane

      (A) Highly elastic Windskin™ repels wind and rain, and protects areas that are exposed and sensitive to cold.

      (B) The high-tech 3D knit absorbs excess sweat and transports it to the Surface Evaporation Expander™. There it evaporates effectively from the larger surface.

      (C) Moisture and warmth escape outwards through the Windskin™ membrane.

    • Conventional membrane

      Conventional membrane

      (D) In comparison, conventional membranes stop not only wind from the outside but also the transport of moisture as well as excess warmth TO the outside.

      (E) Sweat accumulates and runs down the inside of the jacket.