A powerhouse of higher performance. Hardly perceptible on the skin, xitanit™ guarantees unlimited freedom of movement. For performance athletes every gram counts. Nevertheless, muscles and organs have to maintain their optimal temperature. This is where the X-BIONIC® Radiactor V1.0 scores. It creates a unique relationship between thermal output and material strength.

International awards and distinctions

  • Award winner: Design Plus 2009 X-Bionic ® Radiactor™

    Award winner: Design Plus 2009 X-Bionic ® Radiactor™

    “Rewarded for an outstanding combination of innovative material, perfect design and intelligent functionality.”

  • Award winner: SkiMagazin Innovation Prize 2010 X-BIONIC® Radiactor

    Award winner: SkiMagazin Innovation Prize 2010 X-BIONIC® Radiactor

    The readers of the SkiMAGAZIN decided: The X-BIONIC® Radiactor™ is the most innovative product for 2010.

  • Award winner: PLUS X 2009 X-BIONIC® Radiactor™

    Award winner: PLUS X 2009 X-BIONIC® Radiactor™

    “A winner, acclaimed for high quality and function at the world's largest technology, sport- and lifestyle contest, where the manufacturer was honoured for its advancements in quality.”


Product details

  • ISO-Pad

    Enables targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment to protect the body from freezing in winter. This is how the optimised ISO-Pads retain more body heat, which is necessary to guarantee internal organ function and protect body parts which are vulnerable to cooling.

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  • Insulation Pad

    Protects injury-prone muscles from chills.

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  • Innerlap AirConditioning Zone®

    The inner thighs are less reactive to the cold. Here, woven mesh with zero insulation function allows air to circulate and aids cooling as soon as you start to sweat.

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  • AirConditioning Channel® with ZERO-Insulation

    Physiological studies have shown that the chest area is one of the optimal zones for swift and effective ventilation. The ZERO-insulation zones function like valves as a part of the AirConditioning Channels®.

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  • ExpansionKnee

    The accordion principle behind the ExpansionKnee improves its insulating character rather than losing it when the knee is bent. A highly flexible system of chambers and channels provide insulation by storing warm air inside.

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  • Air Guides®

    Work like spacers and borders along the Air-Conditioning Channel® for effective air circulation.

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  • InsulationPads on the upper thigh

    Shaped like waves, their protection lies over a large surface of the most superficial thigh muscle, thereby retaining the necessary heat next to the body to maintain muscle performance.

  • 3D-BionicSphere® System at the tailbone

    The sweat of the lower back area is conducted through the 3D-BionicSphere® System to the tailbone for evaporation. The SweatTraps® on the lower back are targeted specifically at catching sweat flowing toward the buttocks. This first phase, which often leads to friction sores, is interrupted before it can even begin.

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  • AirConditioningSpot™

    The knee hollow perspires quickly and heavily. A fine, circular knitted fabric has been incorporated there. Perspiration dissipates and is pushed outward with the aid of body warmth without the risk of chilling.

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  • Air-Conditioning Channel®

    The Air-Conditioning Channel® is a ventilation system of channels that flow around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation.

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Developed for:

Pants MenDecision LayerCross-country skiingHiking


Low compression Mid compression High compression


Cool Light Warm Extrawarm

Technical composition:

36% Skin NODOR®
17% Mythlan™
12% Polyamide
5% Elastane

Material composition:

66% Polyester
17% Polypropylene
12% Polyamide
5% Elastane

Washing instructions

  • wasch_40grad_off.png
  • bleichen_not_off.png
  • tumbler_not_off.png
  • bueglen_not_off.png
  • waschmachine_not_off.png

Please turn your product inside out and do not use any detergents or bleaching.

Sizing chart

2 year guarantee