Decreases aren’t tolerated. Just in weight. Being a leader in technology means establishing technical benchmarks for the competition. Always more function. This is a clear demand for the R&D department where they are always being challenged to step up their materials research: Less weight, more technology. With the HyperShell Light our engineers have developed a jacket that stands up to X-BIONIC® standards and can support athletes optimally in every situation. X-BIONIC® developers are perfectionists. Every product has to suit its intended sport down to the smallest detail. Therefore months can go by while they analyze prototypes, channel measurements or material specifications. But now we can truly say: This is a high-end product for Cross-Country Skiers.

Product details

  • SpaceFrame™ Technology

    Thanks to specially placed SpaceFrame™ elements, which provide a defined air flow in selected areas inside the clothing, the ingenious patented air management system transports warm, moist air out of the clothing.

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  • Diffuser

    The diffuser design on the inside of the collar with longitudinally arranged ducts lets moist, warm air out of the jacket and supports climate control.

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  • Waterproof front zipper

    The completely waterproof front zipper protects from pouring rain.

  • Anatomically shaped hem

    No leaky spots occur on the crossover from pants to the jacket, due to this anatomically formed cuff.

  • Zipped inner pocket

    Provides additional storage space.

  • Fully seam-taped

    Guarantees to keep water outside.

  • Asymmetrical hem

    When trying on a jacket, the standard test of whether the sleeves are long enough is to stretch your arms horizontally out in front of you. There is a much greater need for movement in an year-round outdoor jacket. The asymmetrical cut extends right down to the wrist, so even when it’s bent, the jacket provides the perfect fit in any situation.

  • 6-dimensional elasticity

    Only knitwear can provide such a degree of elasticity. High-tech yarns, knitted structures and highly elastic flat seams are featured in order to ensure extreme elasticity and guarantee a perfect fit.

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  • AirDuct™ ShoulderPads

    The three-dimensional woven pads are positioned where the pack straps sit against your shoulders. The AirDuct™ Pads disperse the pressure over a wide area. At the same time, the pads are woven so that this sweat-intensive area is effectively ventilated and cooled. When you rest, the air trapped in the 5 mm thick chambers acts as insulation.

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  • Extendable Collar

    The collar can spread outward to protect the neck as needed against cold, harsh winds. Reflectors on the collar provide higher visibility at night.

  • Anatomically shaped elbows

    Optimal fit and the he highest range of motion are guaranteed due to anatomically pre-formed elbows.

  • Anatomical tailoring

    For the ideal fit.

  • symbionic™

    Inspired by the cutaneous respiration of amphibians, the bionic membrane transports water vapour and sweat droplets to the outside.

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Developed for:

BikingRoad bike

Material composition:

100% Polyester

  • wasch_40grad_off.png
  • bleichen_not_off.png
  • tumbler_not_off.png
  • bueglen_not_off.png
  • waschmachine_not_off.png

Please turn your product inside out and do not use any detergents or bleaching.


International awards and distinctions

  • Award winner: Plus X Award 2012 - X-BIONIC® Most Innovative Brand of the Year

    Award winner: Plus X Award 2012 - X-BIONIC® Most Innovative Brand of the Year

    “The Plus X Award is world’s biggest technology, sport and lifestyle contest. Renowned trade journalists and industry personalities form the expert panel who decide, which is the most innovative brand with the most innovative products. Their decision: X-BIONIC® is Innovation World Champion 2012.”

  • Award winner: Plus X 2010 E.CO PACKAGING CONCEPT

    Award winner: Plus X 2010 E.CO PACKAGING CONCEPT

    "A winner, acclaimed for material selection, manufacturing process, transport conditions and recyclability at the world's largest technology, sport and lifestyle contect, where the manufacturer was honoured for its advancements in quality."

  • Award winner: Plus X 2011 X-BIONIC® Hypershell Outdoor Jacket

    Award winner: Plus X 2011 X-BIONIC® Hypershell Outdoor Jacket

    "A winner, acclaimed for high quality, design and functionality at the world's largest technology, sport and lifestyle contect, where the manufacturer was honoured for its advancements in quality."


2 year guarantee


S 166 - 170 89 - 89
M 168 - 176 90 - 97
L 174 - 182 98 - 105
XL 180 - 186 106 - 113
XXL 184 - 192 114 - 122



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