Technology Overview

SMC Technology

Specific Muscle Control Technology

YOUR MAJOR FACTOR OF SUCCESS: PERFECT MUSCLE control. The human body has some 650 muscles. Only those who understand how the human physique functions can develop things that improve it.

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Cohesion Wrap Technology

Vicarious Connective Tissue offers support to connective tissue.

Cohesion Wrap Technology with its Vicarious Connective Tissue supports and stabilises areas of the female body with weak connective tissue.

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3D-BionicSphere® System

3D-BionicSphere® System - Cools when you sweat, warms when you are cold.

Cools when you‘re sweating, warms when you're freezing. Without the sensation of wetness or heat. No risk of overcooling during recovery. The cooling is activated only when the body‘s temperature rises and sweating begins. If no sweat is present, then the system serves as insulation.

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X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression

Partial Kompression - A new benchmark in compression technology.

Compression apparel for sport performance has a positive effect on ability. It supports the muscles and speeds the transport of nutrients and oxygen. The intelligent Partial Kompression by X-BIONIC® not only offers compression but also compression-free zones where sweat can cool the body.

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AirIntake™ Technology

The breathing technique of an ocean predator.

A perfect body climate is not achieved by chance. It is the result of well-thought-out technology. With the X-BIONIC® AirIntake™ System, you personally control the supply of fresh air through the extensive intake openings, creating the amount of cooling required.

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Wüstenfuchs Technology

Heat on the outside, power on the inside.

The desert fox lives and hunts in intense heat where it has perfectly adapted to the hostile environment. Success comes partly because its shiny silver fur reflects heat. This is the inspiration behind our Wüstenfuchs Technology.

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SpaceFrame™ Technology

Optimised air circulation. A tailwind for your performance.

Thanks to specially placed spacers, called SpaceFrame™, the ingenious patented air management system transports warm, moist air out of the clothing. The construction achieves a defined AirFlow (air circulation) much like a chimney where air rises due to warmth.

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symbionic® membrane

symbionic® membrane - What a feeling getting inside the skin of an amphibian.

Over millions of years, the structure of an amphibian’s skin has been developed for cutaneous respiration. This provides the starting point for the revolutionary symbionic® membrane.

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Intercooler™ - Sweat management on a large surface.

This 3D construction collects perspiration on the upper thigh and maintains it directly upon the skin so it can evaporate optimally while directly on this important muscle group. In between periods of exertion, the Intercooler’s rib technology provides insulation.

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