Material Overview


Ultra-light, breathable and hypo-allergenic.

The ultra-lightweight, breathable material Mythlan™ doesn't store body moisture but directs it to an effective evaporation process. Germs and bacteria can't gain a footing.


High-tech material just like a second skin.

Highly elastic and acting much like a second skin, Windskin™ protects from wind yet remains breathable. In this way the new Windskin™ acts to perfectly protect against headwinds while still allowing warm, moist air to escape.


Stay cool even at more than 400°.

The Golden Web Spider's threads are four times as long as steel when weight is factored in and still extremely elastic. With this spider as inspiration, the Swiss Scientists developed a yarn that has similar values AND also can protect from fire.


Because it depends on the value of what's inside.

SorbanEvapore™ is a newly developed, highly elastic microfibre which ensures a perfect fit. As the fabric is knitted and not woven, the material is given an additional elasticity and flexibility.


An African termite as inspiration.

The unique air conditioning system of a termite hill was the basic concept leading to the development of the new, high-performance Macrotermes™ yarn, named after Macrotermes Bellicosus, the African termite.


Insulates from both heat and cold.

With its air encased in the microfibres, NanoCore™ is an especially lightweight material with optimal insulation properties.


To keep the passion burning in you, not the sun.

The revolutionary material xitanit™ features is able to dissipate body heat, reflect radiated heat and distribute perspiration on a large surface. Heat on the outside, power on the inside.


Cotton is good. Xitan™ is better.

The new high-tech fibre. Offering the grip of cotton but with a performance that far outstrips the natural fibre. Xitan™ is lighter and softer than cotton while offering far greater respiration qualities.


High tech down to the smallest atom.

Inhibits bacterial growth and prevents unpleasant odour. SkinNODOR® is a climate-activated nano-filament which incorporates an inorganic, bacteriostatic ingredient in its interior.